GranitoGrav Engraving System for Granite and Glass

GranitoGrav Engraving System for Granite and Glass

GranitoGrav photo engraving system for granite and glass. The same easy to use system whether working on gravestones, tiles, glass, mirror glass... Supply your colour or black-and-white image, and select the size of the desired engraved image. No programming knowledge is necessary! Simply place the machine over the area to be worked (the machine is raised with the supplied Z-kit) and the engraving takes place on the material directly beneath the machine framework.

The consumption costs are extremely low. Tooling costs of a few £'s per tool, each lasting about 3-5 large pictures in granite. A photo with the size of approx. 300 x 230mm requires machining time of approx. 40-50 minutes. Pictures of 150x100 mm are ready in approx. 12-15 minutes.

Work principle of the GranitoGrav: The brushless spindle uses 2.35mm shank tooling. All grey tones in the photo are considered and the pressure of the engraving tool over the work is regulated in such a way that brighter and darker portions are engraved onto the stone, which fianlly creates the photo effect. Likewise vector diagrams, text etc. can be engraved onto the surface.

Ranges of application of the GranitoGrav: Gravestone images + surface inscriptions, Stone masonry work, granite photo engravings, glass engravings, mirrors, gift articles, advertising and novelties etc...

System comprises of necessary hardware, Z-kit to raise the machine, ConstruCAM Vector Image processing module, integration electronics and 3 engraving bits. This system is available for use with T series machines only.

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This video tutorial shows the setup of granitograv and the processing of an image file in ConstruCAM.

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