High-Z S-1000 CNC Machine

High-Z S-1000 CNC Machine

Precision German Engineered Quality with Dedicated UK support

A multi-purpose CNC machine with routing, milling, drilling, engraving, sculpting capabilities. Work with many materials including woods, MDF, modelling wax/resins, foams, plastics such as PVC and plexiglass through to metals such as Aluminium, Brass, Copper and sheet steel. Cut foils and vinyl for stencils or sign art. Mill Printed Circuit Boards and create front panels and enclosures for your prototypes.

  • Machine Working Area: X=1000 mm; Y=600 mm; Z= 110 mm
  • Enhanced power and precision through the use of 2 motors on the X-Axis. This arrangement provides for a constant tension and compression during milling operations.
  • Only high quality bearings and guideways used to provide smooth precision of operation (repeatability +/- 30µm).
  • X and Y guide ways are hardened and grinded, with double sets of bearings used along with precision trapezium thread lead screws.
  • Traverse rapid feed max. 4000 mm/min, Working feed max. 3000 mm/min
  • Resolution 0.003 mm (1/10 Step)
  • Reference switches on all axes with software limit control.
  • Double safety emergency stop button
  • Energy chain for clean cabling
  • Milling Motor anchorage: Euroneck 43mm
  • Modular frame for universal application
  • Table size/clamping area: 1330 x 690 mm
  • Total dimensions incl. motors : LxWxH = appr. 1396x870x570mm
  • Machine comes complete with a 4-axis, 5-channel (peak 3.5A per channel) microstepping driver. The drive consists of 4 qulaity Nanotec stepping motors (2X, Y, Z, A) with 2000 steps/rev (1/10 Step).
  • Machine comes with KinetiC-NC Ethernet Control System. KinetiC-NC software application runs on Windows 10 PC (supplied by customer). The KinetiC-NC hardware control module requires an ethernet port and a spare USB port.
  • 2 Year Warranty.


Note: The machines are made to order for each customer and it will take 4 weeks for a standard factory build. The machines will arrive on a pallet and someone will need to be on location to receive the order. Two people will be required to lift the machines safely, due to the size and weight of the machines.

Additional Order Options:
(Base Price: £3,275.00)
  • Router/Spindle
  • Milling kit
  • Vectric CAD/CAM (save up to £165)
  • T-Groove Clamping Bed
  • 10-piece Starter Milling Tool Set (save £20)
  • Tool Length Sensor (save £50)
  • Vacuum Extraction Attachment (save £20)
  • Underframe to Make Free-Standing
  • £3,550.00
  • exc VAT

Product questions

  • Dean W
    12-12-2021, 22:49

    Hi, does this model come complete with a 4th axis for rotational wood carving for things like statues? If so, what is the maximum length it can hold? Cheers

    14-12-2021, 17:25


    The machine does not come with that as standard. There is the optional 4th rotary axis for carving detail in rotary fashion https://www.prototools.co.uk/4th-axis-rotary-table.html. Which you would often couple with chuck https://www.prototools.co.uk/3-4-jaw-chuck-to-hold-items-for-4th-axis-rotary-table.html and tailstock https://www.prototools.co.uk/rotating-tailstock-for-rotary-table.html. We recommend maximum length of up to 800mm.

  • Daniel Wild
    24-11-2021, 00:35

    I this capable of engraving stone?

    Thank you

    26-11-2021, 12:38

    We can offer surface engraving of polished stone like granite with accessory https://www.prototools.co.uk/granitograv-engraving-system-for-granite-and-glass.html coupled with a T-Series machine e.g. High-Z T-1000 https://www.prototools.co.uk/high-z-t-1000-cnc-machine.html.

    If you want to carve lettering into stone, then we can offer the 3-phase supply Raptor machine range from CNC-Step. Please contact sales@prototools.co.uk if you are interested in that.

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