MITS Auto Lab
MITS Auto Lab
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MITS Auto Lab

High resolution PCB milling machine with a 229x310 mm working area. Fiducial positioning camera and monitoring system included as standard. Auto-Tool-Change mechanism with up to 10 tools. The standard spindle motor is made in Japan with high quality and low runout. Tool change mechanism is electro-mechanical and does not require a compressed air supply.

  • Minimum pattern width 0.1 mm
  • Minimum milling width 0.1 mm
  • Working area (X/Y/Z) 229 x 310 x 57 mm
  • Table size 296 x 370
  • Independant stepper motor control on each X, Y, Z axis. Resolution 0.156 µm *3
  • Maximum Travel Speed 55 mm/sec. *1
  • DC Brushless Spindle speed  5,000 - 62,000 RPM
  • Spindle Drilling 0.2 - 3.175 mm. Maximum drilling speed 50 cycles per min *2
  • Maximum thickness of processed material 10 mm *4
  • 10 Station Auto Tool Change - mechanical system with no compressed air source  required.
  • Milling method Incremental
  • Power consumption 100 - 240 V, 50-60 Hz, 200VA
  • Machine dimensions W x D x H 435 x 575 x 430 mm
  • With optional cabinet: 462 x 575 x 467 mm
  • Machine weight Approx. 34 Kg
  • With cabinet: Approx. 44 Kg
  • Interface One USB or one RS-232C port
  • Standard equipement Fiducial positioning camera (USB)*5
  • Software: EASY CAD, Conversion & CAM

*1 Optimum speed for cutting depends on tool, material of board and so on.

*2 This is a repeat count of drills up and down on the maximum stroke. Optimum strokes depends on the diameter of tool.

*3 The smallest traveling figures for ordering each 3 axis movement. They do not represent the accuracy of axis positioning.

*4 Value of the thickness of the material on the work table. This value does not show the maximum drilling stroke.

*5 Maximum useful magnification depends on the size of the screen.

Additional Order Options:
(Base Price: £13,000.00)
  • Starter Tool Kit
  • Vacuum Table
  • Jetstream Quiet Vacuum
  • £13,000.00
  • exc VAT

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