Vacuum Table & Suction

Vacuum Table & Suction

Vacuum Table Bed Plates (Various Sizes)

Vacuum table for holding down material quickly and easily. Ideal for engraving and milling thin sheet material. Holding force is a function of the total surface area of material, so the larger the piece of material covering the surface of the vacuum bed, then the larger the holding force.

Sacrificial rubber matting, connecting tubes and hosing adaptor supplied.

When in use, exposed areas should be covered with other waste material or tape to maintain a high suction force, though with a side-channel blower unit, some air can still be allowed to pass through.

Side-Channel Blower Vacuum Unit

Generates suction for vacuum tables. Includes 3m of 40mm internal diameter connecting hose to mate with vacuum table interface. Note that we recommend a separate vacuum unit for each vacuum bed plate.

  • 230V/50Hz, 9.5A single phase
  • -190mbar suction
  • 71dB(A) noise
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  • Vacuum Table
  • Vacuum Suction
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Product questions

  • Philip Gronberg
    12-02-2024, 10:50


    Will the vacuum tables work on any CNC machine? Or will they only work on the specific CNC its made for, the high Z?

    15-02-2024, 12:02

    The tables are just rectangular panels with mounting holes for bolt down. You can use an intermediate sandwich panel that the vacuum table attaches to fit it onto your particular machine bed. The overall height of the panels is 30mm, so they don't take up too much vertical headroom.

  • Jakub Slechta
    25-11-2019, 15:39

    what material is the table made of? Black and white part. Thank you

    25-11-2019, 18:25

    Those parts are made of plastic.

  • Andy Grace
    16-09-2019, 09:57

    Dear Sirs,

    Are you vac tables available in different sizes to those listed? We are possibly in the market for a 700 x 500mm unit. i look forward to your reply.

    18-09-2019, 20:52

    We only offer vacuum tables in the sizes listed on the site.

  • Danny GOLDING
    04-04-2018, 16:07

    On the 1000 x 1500 table, are there separate suction lines to different parts of the table, meaning the table can be used with check valves to isolate unused parts of the table?

    05-04-2018, 11:02

    The vacuum tables are not zoned. However the suction lines are channelled to the centre of the vacuum table, giving a more even suction over the surface of the table. You can optionally connect your suction hosing to ports at the side, or the end, of the table, giving you flexibility with setup.

    For unused portions of your table, just use a piece of thin sheet material to cover e.g. thin plastic sheet/film. With a side-channel vacuum blower unit it's OK if you mill through the material to expose some of the bed surface. Similarly, as long as you cover most of the unused vacuum table area, you will have good suction. Some people will use a thin sheet of MDF as a sacrificial layer that is also porous, so it will hold work whilst also covering the vacuum table.

  • Sami
    29-01-2018, 20:47

    What is the brand and origin of this product?

    29-01-2018, 21:08

    They are custom made for us by a company in Germany.

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