Turnery Adaption Kit

Turnery Adaption Kit

Enhanced Capability and Flexibility with CNC Turnery Adaption Kit

Convert your Heiz CNC Machine into a wood/plastic turning machine in a matter of a few minutes.

Add this additional capability to your mutipurpose Heiz CNC Machine and take advantage of turning up to approx. 500 mm length and approx. 70 mm diameter. Simply define an outline profile using your CAD/CAM package and run the resultant HPGL or G-Code to generate CNC turning profile paths.

The Turning Kit includes all necessary parts:

  • Driven by powerful buffing motor by Fein and Würth, 900-2700 RPM.
  • Tailstock with live centre and 50 mm quill trolley.
  • Three jaw chuck up to 80 mm external diameter.
  • Adapter/holder for the buffing motor, miuntable in both horizontal and vertical position.
  • Aluminium adapter flange for the chuck.
  • Additional safety clamp ring for the buffing motor.
  • T-Groove fixing panel, Reinforcing strip 60 x 60 mm and T-Groove fixing nuts.
  • 1 x Wood milling tool of 6 mm diameter and 32 mm cut length.
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Product questions

  • Owen Jones
    03-01-2017, 10:36

    Really impressed with the idea of the turnery milling adaptor kit. Do you have a video of it in operation? I have I have the S720 machine and Vectric Aspire, can that software be used for milling? Finally, does the wood milling bit go in a moving (i.e. rotating) or fixed Z-axis (spindle motor?) chuck?

    03-01-2017, 16:18

    The spindle is turned on and the work piece is rotated at high speed, both at the same time. You only need to draw a simple 2D profile of the outline shape (so yes VCarve Pro and Aspire can both easily be used to define the outline shape). The spindle then follows this outline along the side. Here's a video clip so you can see it in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dycTyEJzUII.

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